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Cookies Policy

This Cookies Policy aims at describing the various types of Cookies and the technologies used on this site to describe the conditions and ways in which the same are used.

Cookies are small text files that are sent from the sites visited by the user to the host (usually the browser). They are stored in the corresponding browser folder while the user is visiting a website and are later relayed to the same sites on subsequent visits.
Cookies are used in order to improve web experience – HTTP is stateless and does not remember the authorised user browsing pages – to save user preferences (such as usernames or passwords), to keep track of user tastes and preferences by allowing the presence of targeted marketing and the provision of services connected to the User’s activities, such as newsletters, direct e-mail marketing, etc.
If restrictions are placed on their use, this will have effects on the status of the user during browsing. Removal or blockage of them from the browser cache may cause loss of functionality of the services offered by the web application.
Il presente sito web utilizza Cookies di terze parti per il servizio di Google Analytics

This website uses third party Cookies for Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a service provided by Google that generates detailed statistics about the traffic to a website and traffic sources. It is the most widely used analytics service. Google Analytics can monitor visitors coming from all links outside the site, including search engines and social networks, direct traffic and reference sites. It also displays advertising, pay-per-click and e-mail marketing as well as links contained within PDF documents.

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