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Green Philosophy

Aluminium is one of the best materials in terms of recycling;
our company policy has always been sensitive to safeguarding the environment.

All aspects of our production processes are designed in full respect of the environment:
from the recovery of waste fumes to that of processing waste; from water recovery to waste sorting for recycling.


It weighs 3 times less than steel so makes lighter products

Corrosion resistant

Aluminium alloys are naturally of superior resistance to corrosion. Anodic oxidisation enhances this characteristic

Mechanical resistance

Aluminium alloys reach the resistance of construction steel


For application wherever there is risk of flammability

Resistance to fire and low temperatures

For cryogenic or outdoor application with no increase in fragility


It can be used to produce special profiles


Aluminium is recyclable indefinitely, maintaining high value and low environmental impact.


It is described as naturally “clean” by designers and has great flexibility of appearance and use

Low cost

of solutions using aluminium as compared to analogous projects using steel